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Gilda Hunt 
Gilda Hunt was born in the tiny country of El Salvador, Central America where she was introduced mostly by her father to the beauty of the arts: books, music, specifically opera which he sang, plays, art and dancing. As a point of interest, her name Gilda comes from the opera Rigoletto. Gilda and her family immigrated to San Francisco, California when she was a young girl and she learned from that early age that major changes in life brought new opportunities and new adventures. Throughout all this time, besides enjoying music and other arts, Gilda discovered photography which is a passion she has maintained to this day. But it wasn't until she moved to Portland that Gilda was introduced to her second passion in the arts: the art of quilting. A...


Art Quilts Quilting is such a challenging craft to master. Not only does it require one to learn how to design a picture with pieces of fabric and thread, but it also requires learning how to use many other skills such as use of sewing machines, use of colors and contrasts, utility of the piece and most importantly learn how to be patient.
Quilt Creations 13 items
Traditional Quilts Traditional quilts have always been considered a woman's work. They were made for use in a household and most of the time were made from pieces of materials, either left over from another project such as a tablecloth or old garments not used anymore. Since then quilts have evolved to be more than that and although serving as utility objects, they are now also considered as part of cultural art works.
Alaska It is not easy to describe the amazing beauty offered by Alaska, but thankfully through the art of photography many of the majestic and unique landscapes, rivers, mountains, flora and fauna which abound there can be captured in their natural and undisturbed state. Being there, one can appreciate the hardiness required to survive and thrive in that environment.
Brazil Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America and the world's fifth largest country by area and the seventh most populous. The trip to this country provided me with some of the most wonderful opportunities to fill my heart and soul with thousands of photographic experiences. The people, the foods, the arts and the customs and culture were a gift to receive.
Japan Japan is another unique place in the world where there is so much to see, appreciate and learn about nature, art, food, religion, order, obedience and respect. While in Japan, one can sense the incredible sense of respect for everything in nature. Every living thing such as an animal, or a tree, flower and bush is taken care of as importantly as every human being.
Mexico Mexico is the land of an ancient civilization and culture which offers all its visitors something special to experience. I have been traveling to Mexico for the last 50 years and besides learning to appreciate its food, art and people, I have also held a special place for Baja California. The contrast between its desert lands and the two bodies of water which surround it, the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, are mesmerizing and intriguing at the same time.
New Zealand How lucky can I be to experience a spiritual journey to the amazing land of New Zealand. I loved every place I visited, the people's kindness and creativity to utilize every thing this land offers them. The strong and conquering attitude of the Maori population, who bravely display their culture with artistic and unique tattoos to show they own every inch of their bodies.
Oregon 30 items
Flora Being a photographer and a quilter I am always looking for themes to create in either medium. As an artist, it is almost mandatory to discover the abundant supply of flora all around us. The photography of the flowers found on this section of the website, are a product of my searches in different parts of the world.
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