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High Desert Carving by Bill Hunt

Artist directory :: High Desert Carving by Bill Hunt

Custom Art for Hunter/Kayaker Each piece of art by Bill Hunt is hand carved and unique. No two pieces are exactly alike. To inquire about any of Bill's carvings, please use our "Contact" page and please specify the 1. Gallery 2. Subject or Title Thanks!

Custom Art for Hunter/Kayaker


Bill's custom art is an eclectic grouping of wonderful and whimsical wood works. Amazing Bird House "Condos" to complex carving of Owls in tree stumps and more. Bill welcomes a challenge.


Bill was born in Canada and immigrated to Spokane, Washington at age 2. He spent 50 years in the real estate industry beginning as a broker in Spokane and ending up as the President of Century 21 China where he oversaw China’s largest real estate group with 20,000 agents in 1500 offices and 31 cities. In between, he lived overseas for 20 years helping Century 21 Real Estate expand in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Latin America. From 2011 to 2018 he assisted Keller Williams Real Estate with their global expansion into 43 countries. He is a published author of two books, Memoirs of a Franchise Gypsy , and Insights from a Franchise Insider which detail his experiences working globally with lessons learned in the franchise industry. Both...


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Redmond, OR 97756
United States


NEW CARVINGS Bill is constantly carving. His newest works will always appear in this Gallery. Check back frequently to see what's next from carver, Bill Hunt.
BIRDS  Here you will find beautiful ducks, geese and swans. Each of Bill's carvings are one-of-a-kind pieces. Taking 100 year old cedar fencing, Bill creates his unique birds.
GOLF ART  Bill's unique golf ducks, bottle-openers and more are connected to his love of the game. Each piece is lovingly hand-carved and fitted to a classic persimmon wood golf driver.
FISH  Individually carved from Juniper branches, Bill's fish are perfectly paired with 80-year-old fishing creels, vintage fishing rods and nets.
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