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Joshua Huettig

Artist directory :: Joshua Huettig

Joshua Huettig Painting and Sculpture

Joshua Huettig


Joshua Huettig Self-taught Artist 
Joshua Huettig is a self-taught artist and has been painting since 2007. The sudden passing of his father, and the depression that followed, made him realize that he had to push out creative energy into the world, because the very nature of creation itself is making something that is meaningful and living. Most of the wood that he paints on is pulled out of the Ohio River or is found in near-by creeks or garbage piles. Using mostly house paint he’s collected over the years, he paints images that search for the balance between the primitive and the refined –the spiritual and the crude –the animal and the elegant. His paintings are full of symbol and narrative. For example, when painting breasts, Joshua is not painting sexuality in any form, but is...


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Nashville, TN 37211
United States


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