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Ingrid Wright Fine Art

Artist directory :: Ingrid Wright Fine Art

Arizona artist specializing in colored pencil drawings, watercolor paintings, travel sketching, & authoring books. Other types of work include mixed media, monotype printmaking, & Chinese Brush Painting.

Ingrid Wright Fine Art


Ingrid Wright Fine Art 
Traveling inspires Ingrid's passion to capture "God's beauty around us" in her artwork. Born and raised in San Francisco, Ingrid has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from SF State University and graduated from UOP Dental School in 1982. Along with building a very successful dental practice, Ingrid has also enjoyed a career as a fashion model, TV commercial spokesperson, martial arts instructor, and her "higher calling" as a wife and mother. Her motto is: "It's never too late to start something new and exciting!" Ingrid became passionate in 2001 about creating fine art, which has been featured at fine art shows and in private collections throughout California, Chicago, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts, Canada, Germany, Australia, Sweden...


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Phoenix, AZ
United States


Books Ingrid has written, illustrated &published three books. All 3 are available for purchase on
Colored Pencil Drawings Colored pencil drawings on paper.
Watercolors These original works are all painted on quality watercolor paper. More original watercolor paintings can be seen in the "China Series" Gallery
Monotypes All original works on paper MONOTYPE = Inked plate + Paper passed through a printing press Some of these Monotypes were created by utilizing handmade stencils &collagraphs combined in a multi-step printmaking process.
Chinese Brush Painting on Scrolls "East meets West" with Ingrid's dancing brushstrokes on rice paper &silk scrolls!
China Series Some of the watercolors painted in November 2011, while traveling through China for 3 weeks. More original watercolor paintings can be seen in the "Watercolors" Gallery
Mixed Media & Acrylic Here's where there are very few rules, the art police aren't allowed and essentially.....anything goes.
Oil & Encaustic Paintings Traditional oil paintings &Encaustic artwork Encaustic paintings are created using colored hot wax, resin &sometimes incorporating collage elements, with multiple layers fused together using a torch.
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