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Jean Lea Fine Art

Artist directory :: Jean Lea Fine Art

Artwork depicting the environment and life. This website is currently under construction, but feel free to visit the pages and return to see more of my art. - Jean

Jean Lea Fine Art


Jean Lea 
My art is influenced by the diverse environment in which I live. I have lived my entire life in Oregon. The proximity to the ocean, farmlands, and mountains are often the inspiration and stepping off point for my work. I primarily paint with the aqua media which includes acrylic, watercolor, and gouache to create abstract and semi-abstract interpretations of nature and people. Some of my works are on gesso textured grounds; while others are on archival paper, canvas, or cradled panel surfaces. I normally create a small value sketch prior to starting a painting. For my acrylic and mixed media paintings, I begin by choosing my primary color scheme and lay down a loosely painted base for subsequent layers of contrasting and harmonizing colors. Painting in this...


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