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John E.S. Morales

Artist directory :: John E.S. Morales

An independent artist whose goal is to get the ideas out of my head and into a tangible medium. Most often I work in pencil, pen or oil paint, but digital, clay or action figures are also possible. There may even be an essay or song posted here too.

John E.S. Morales


John Morales 
I am a self-taught artist who did my first oil painting at 13 and began daily practice at 25. Since then I have not had a day where I haven't at least doodled something. I am most interested in and inspired by the female form through time and space, and so they become the center and avatar of whatever idea I may be trying to express in that work.


Drawings 19 items
Paintings 9 items
Action Figure Art Sculpted and painted display bases and dioramas for action figures. Photography of action figures.
Digital Visual works done completely digitally in Photoshop.
Music Videos Follow the links below to see examples of music videos I edited together. Most often they are mashups between known songs and manipulated clips from anime, animated movies or other media.
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