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John E.S. Morales Creations

Artist directory :: John E.S. Morales Creations

A sampling of my creative journey through painting, drawing, digital art, short stories, essays, ambient/electronic music, and anime music videos.

John E.S. Morales Creations


John E.S. Morales 
Outside of some life drawing classes that I have taken along the way, I am a self-taught artist, though one that has been painting for over 30 years, not so seriously at first but then constantly since 1995. My original inspirations were the surrealists, particularly Magritte. I loved his realistic style of painting but juxtaposing common people and items to achieve the otherworldly. Later on I became interested in Ukiyo-e, Utamaro, being my favorite. Also from Japan came anime and manga influences. I also love the realistic and narrative style of artists such as Edward Hopper and Jack Vettriano. Beyond paintings I have been influenced by film and music videos. I strive to integrate all of these streams into my artwork so that my pieces will set a...


Paintings A gallery of works done on canvas and board.
Drawing and Digital Sketches in pencil, charcoal, colored pencils and ink, as well as digital artwork via Photoshop.
Literary Works Short stories, essays and other musings. Spider's Fugue . An exploration of one man's fragile psyche. Yuko and the Yokai . A young girl's brave adventure in her parents' summer cottage.
AMVs and Videos Music videos mashing up edited clips of movies, anime, tv shows or original video with original or someone else's music. Animation "Andromeda" music video : Mashup between Gorillaz song, "Andromeda" and scenes from the finale episode of Samurai Jack, season 5. Walking with Wu Wei: Fishing. How does one fish without fishing? Watch and find out. Original Music Vids Ferry to Funajima (Musashi on the Beach) .
Music Music, Remixes and Podcasts for your listening pleasure. Music Apple under Sakura (Lyrics: from a poem by From the poem, Song of the Apple , by Hachiro Sato, read by Yoko Shibata.
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