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Jeff Horton Designs

Artist directory :: Jeff Horton Designs

Laser Engraving, Jewelry, Metal and Wood Art, Custom Work. Specializing in handmade chain and wire jewelry. I also dabble in glass, leather and paper arts!

Jeff Horton Designs


About Me: I'm a semi-retired Army vet who loves working with my hands and creating unique pieces for people. I also believe that some old crafts need people to keep them alive so I've delved deep into chain and wire jewelry. I create not only chain pieces for everyday wear, but custom pieces for motorcycles, gear embellishment and more. About my Jewelry: Most of my pieces are handmade from scratch using very old techniques. I wind and hand saw or cut my own jump rings. I weave every link and harden and polish pieces to a bright sheen where desired. Modern clasps are used for strength and security. If desired, I can make simple hook clasps for an authentic "antique" look. About my Chainmail Armor: In my functional armor pieces I use minimum of 16 gauge...


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Spokane, WA
United States



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