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Joan Enslin Artist

Artist directory :: Joan Enslin Artist

I focus on natural forms using impressionistic and abstract styles. My art is Acrylic or watercolor based, painted on textured surfaces. I use textured paper, illustration board, canvas and wood.

Joan Enslin Artist


Joan Enslin Artist 
My home is Camano Island in Washington State. My husband and I have cherished living on Camano for the past twenty five years. This is where we enjoy beaches, water and breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountain Range. Happily, outdoor spaces are still abundant throughout the Pacific Northwest. I feel fortunate to have art in my life. While painting early on, my medium was strictly oil. Later I moved to pastels. When I began working in watercolor I knew I had found my great love. I've been working with watercolor for over thirty years and have never lost my passion for it. At present, nevertheless, I am thrilled to add acrylic to my list of mediums. My recent enthusiasm for acrylic has, in turn, given inspiration to exploring new painting...


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Washington 98282
United States


Abstract  Our past experiences impact how and what we paint. Design, composition, color and value becomes the vocabulary that expresses our ideas and feelings.
Stones A fly fisherman once told me he would hang my River Rock painting in his home and every morning he would look at it and he would be fly fishing.
Flowers The subject is so familiar, I usually paint from my imagination and let the creative images surface.
Landscape The world as I see it. The mountains, the rivers and the beaches.
Archive Gone but not forgotten
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