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John Eastman

Artist directory :: John Eastman


John Eastman 
I decided to become a professional artist in part because people so often commented that I have a unique style. Most of my work falls within the category of Photorealism. Of course, an accurate painting of a photograph, by itself, is not necessarily artistic. I therefore bring to my paintings a contemporary graphic sensibility, with influences of Pop, Minimalism and Low Brow. I take special measures to ensure that my paintings will last over time. Unlike many painters inspired by the great masters, I choose modern art materials over traditional materials if they offer a proven archival advantage. I do not copy trends in the art world; I follow only my own aesthetic instincts. After graduating from the University of California, I continued my art...


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John Eastman
7711 SW Capitol Highway #217
Portland, OR 97219
United States


Paintings 27 items
Drawings Not intended to be art, these sketchbook drawings are examples of my studies in anatomy and facial expressions.
Sculpture 2 items
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