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New Hampshire artist working in watercolor,acrylic and pastel. Focusing on northern New England nature art.Forests,water,and wildlife,birds,and insects.Human performers of dance and music.


john wike 
How I see it My work is about the animation of life as expressed through the gestures and relationships of organic shapes. For me, nature in harmony provides an example of transcendence, whatever the species. I prefer to treat human and nonhuman subjects much the same because I see the similarities. The latter is usually an assortment of forms in a field, forest, or stream that appear to me as dancers in choreography or the notes in a musical score. . Seasonal changes, movement, transition, and impermanence are what interest me. I like the drama of the life process, and want to show it happening in some small way with each effort. This involves returning to favorite subjects, but not forcing them as a series. A friend once said...


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188 madison st.#20
Portsmouth, NH 03801
United States


woods and waters these are the forests, fields and waterways of the northeastern USA. The traditional landscape approach is used occasionally, but my preference is for a closer, detailed look at wild elements in some state of transition.
wildlife Birds, insects, and other wildlife of northern New England. Painted in acrylic, watercolor, and pastel.
humanlife These dancers, singers, and musicians are figures in action; absorbed practitioners. Occasionally a body at rest will make an appearance. Media include acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and pencil.
mixed media Assorted found objects from natural sources, arranged and worked over with acrylic and iridescent acrylic, which gives the surface a look of metallic sheen.
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