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Joyce Agri Colvario

Artist directory :: Joyce Agri Colvario


Joyce  Agri Colvario 
My long and varied career began in Yellow Pages working in graphic design and illustration. A painter for many years, I have become intrigued with monotype, strappo and solar plate intaglio print making. Most recently I’m exploring the world of digital art with a combination of my own watercolor, acrylic paintings and some digital imagery. The process I use is most accurately described as digital montage - a union of diverse visual elements in a composition, the original form of which is a digital file. I borrow elements from my paintings, drawings, photomontage and scanned objects to produce original images. The computer technology I employ both fosters and gives form to visual ambiguities which creates original art. My work is influenced by my...


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Boston, MA 02118
United States


strappo prints 33 items
monotype prints 21 items
Floral Design 19 items
Horticulture 3 items
3D Botanical Arts A new category for the Flower Show
WEARABLE ART beads used...are african, coconut, recycled glass barrel, hand blown lampwork, handmade unique beads. vintage inlaid bone prayer, polymer.
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