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JT Hall - Artist

Artist directory :: JT Hall - Artist

JT Hall’s approach to art is to physically create depth by applying heavy texture to the canvas with vivid colors and high levels of contrast to draw the viewer in for the purpose of sparking an emotional response.

JT Hall - Artist


JT Hall 
The artist, JT Hall, was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. This region is termed the south plains as it not known for having many trees or nature for a child to enjoy. He was blessed to have parents that took him out of the city to areas where nature existed and thrived. This resulted in his love and passion to protect and respect nature and the beautiful creatures that live within. He began painting in formal art lessons as young as 9 years old. As his talent developed, so did his love for animals and nature. Many of his paintings show the importance of protecting nature and nature's ability to overcome. More recently, he has been in the corporate world and has many paintings showing these struggles that inspire others to question their own daily...


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PO Box 1610
Roanoke, TX 76262
United States


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