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Juanita Hagberg Watercolors

Artist directory :: Juanita Hagberg Watercolors

My original watercolor paintings are loosely realistic to abstract interpretations of my impressions and experiences with nature. Passion for painting is evident in my vivid, textural, and bold watercolors. Seemingly ordinary themes - rocks, trees, water

Juanita Hagberg Watercolors


Juanita Hagberg Watercolors 
The influence of the landscape is reflected in all of my paintings. Recalling images and emotions from my experiences provides inspiration and content for my exploration of natural forms, colors, and textures. After a career as a public school teacher, I began my journey to become a watercolor artist. All of my past experiences inform this pursuit. I love being outside, so I have a strong attraction to plein air painting. Those impressions become the genesis for further abstractions. My art has been exhibited in many juried shows including The de Young Open, de Young Museum (San Francisco, CA,) Yosemite Renaissance, Yosemite National Park Museum Gallery, "Aquarius - Pacific Regional Exhibition," and the Fine Arts Juried Exhibit, Arts at the...


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Alameda, CA 94501
United States


ABSTRACTIONS OF NATURE  I eliminate unessential details and use minimal representation in my paintings. The organic, fluid style of my work suggests the changing natural landscape. My artistic journey has taken me beyond using transparent watercolor in a realistic manner, to a more contemporary, impressionistic, and often experimental style of painting.
PLEIN  AIR  IMPRESSIONS  I love painting outdoors –soaking up the patterns, colors, rhythms, and textures of the natural world. These “plein air” watercolors and my lifelong experiences in nature often provide the genesis for more abstract paintings. Rendering a quick impression allows me to simplify the composition and convey the essence of my inspiration.
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