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Artist directory :: JUDE HARDIN, ARTIST

Oil on 12x16 Canvas

Marsh Life, Evening's Hush

Everything Michigan

Our beautiful dynamic state has many natural wonders. Pure Michigan ads have enticed many here to enjoy our sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, blooming and productive orchards, rural views, outstanding sunrises and sunsets as well as lively wildlife.


Expressing God's glory with oils, pastels and watercolors. Art brings me joy; my goal is to share that joy with you!


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Michigan 49010
United States


Birds and Wildlife Since around age 5, I have dreams where I fly (yes, just like Tinker Bell!). What a marvelous experience! In these paintings, my wish is for you to experience flight, speed, energy and strength within the portrayal of these magnificent beings. Hear their calls; feel the swoosh of their wings (or legs); imagine the warming sun on you as you soar higher and glide on the wind trails.
Floral and Still Life With continual broken dirty fingernails and an horticultural degree in hand, my love for flowers has only increased since I started making them the center of my paintings. As you view my florals, I hope you can 'smell' them, 'feel' their soft, furry or shiny textures and 'hear' the wind blowing through their leaves.
Landscapes and Waterscapes Living in MI has given me a new appreciation for the magnitude and variety of landscapes in our beautiful state. With increased building and tree removals happening around me, my goal is to capture our natural scenery before it is taken over with concrete and man's 'progressive' ambitions.
Portraits This collection represents commissioned works. Please contact if interested in capturing a special moment or a dear family member.
This Month's Specials Shipping within the US and tax may be included in the reduced prices (please inquire prior to purchase).
Archived Paintings These paintings have found new homes. Please inquire if you find one you enjoy and would like to have something similar painted for you.
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