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Julie Boegli Creative Mosaic Design

Artist directory :: Julie Boegli Creative Mosaic Design

Being able to express my art through mosaics has inspired me in so many ways !!! Every project leads to another great experience....

Julie Boegli Creative Mosaic Design


Julie's Creative Designs 
Mosaic has turned from a hobby to a passion after an amazing visit to Istambul, Turquie in 2000. It has been great creating a variety of projects. The possibilities are endless and I find that there is always something new to explore and experiment with. Julie Boegli, mosaic artist and member of Society of American Mosaic Artists, has been teaching mosaics and involved in mosaics community projects since 2004. She has been creating a variety of functional and decorative projects for private residences, gardens or commercial spaces such as Backsplashes , Murals, Tables, Stars, Pots, Mirrors , Frames, Birdhouses, Benches, etc. Workshops offered have reached school aged children in enrichment programs and summer camps, adults in private classes, and...


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Creative Mosaic Design
Julie Boegli
Escondido, CA
United States


Architectural Designs Samples of mosaic residential and commercial installations
Community work The first mural was designed and created by students during a fundraiser summer camp at our elementary school. The following mural was designed and facilitated by Laurel True. I had the chance to participate and help install that beautiful project with other local artists and community members.
Workshops Series of projects created by amazing students during some of my workshops. Included are Mingei Museum Mid-Century Mosaics, Fired Up Sisters, and some children classes
Gift Ideas Variety of functional decorative items
Garden Artwork Add a little touch to your garden with fun mosaics
Artisan Tour 30 items
Spring Home Garden Show Garden Masters Exposition 2014 in collaboration with EcoDesignSd and Creative Mosaic Design
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