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Whimsical, Vibrant and Colorful Art

Artist directory :: Whimsical, Vibrant and Colorful Art


Karen Merry began pursuing her love of art twenty-five years ago at the age of 50. Her motto is that you are never too old to explore your artistic passions. Through the years, Karen has received many awards for her paintings. She has a large number of patrons, who happily wait for her extraordinarily brilliant watercolors and intricate pen &ink renderings. Karen is passionate about creating art. Although she is inspired by meeting with and seeing the work of other artists, she prefers the solitude associated with working alone. Karen retired to Humboldt County nearly seventeen years ago. On the north coast, she is a member of the Redwood Art Association. Karen is also a member of the Ferndale Arts Gallery and Collective in Ferndale, CA. To...


Birds 12 items
Botanical 27 items
Junk Yard 19 items
Nature 10 items
Animals 25 items
Flora 43 items
The "I" Series The "I" Series was created when Karen considered that the plural for Hippopotamus was Hippopotami. Seeing the humor in this, Karen decided to create an entire group of animals using the "i" ending. These whimsical pieces are some of Karen's most popular .
Salvage Yard 25 items
Seaside 25 items


Petroglyphs: Three Rivers, New Mexico
Above: "Petroglyphs: Three Rivers, New Mexico" [Final Painting] I have always been fascinated by Petroglyphs. This blog entry shows some of the development of my newest painting of the Petroglyhs in Three Rivers, New Mexico. As you can see from the images, I start by sketching the overall scene which is comprised of several photos taken of the area. I then start working section by section. This painting which is considered a Mixed Media work includes watercolor, pen &ink and pastel pencils.

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