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David Kasman

Artist directory :: David Kasman

Sculptures and Paintings by David Kasman

David Kasman


David Kasman 
David Kasman (born 1962, Boston, Massachusetts, USA) David Kasman is best known for his bronze sculptures as well as his direct observation oil paintings of beaches, Boston and Maine. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Mechanical Engineering. While at Cornell, he studied sculpture with Jonathan Squire and Jim Cole. At that time, he created wood, abstract sculptures, and he was also reintroduced to representational modeling in clay, something he had enjoyed as a young boy. From 1985-1999 he ran the family business, designing and manufacturing laboratory instruments, including the well known MEL-TEMP ®, melting point apparatus, which was invented by his father, Sidney. During those years, he invented and patented several additional...


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62 Prentice Road
Newton Centre, MA 02159
United States


Sculpture This is a very small sample of David Kasman's sculptures. To see more examples, or to discuss a commission, contact the artist directly.
Paintings This is a very small sample of David Kasman's oil paintings. To see more examples, contact the artist directly.
Public Sculpture Resurgence, 2011, a permanent, commissioned sculpture in Harvard Square. Resurgence was comissioned by Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre and is located outside their facility at 400 Harvard Street in Harvard Square. It depicts a female dancer, en pointe, in a pose from the climax of Jose Mateo’s ballet, Isle of the Dead. The piece honors Jose Mateo, the founder of Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre and provides a spiritual, uplifting symbol that welcomes people to the historic, Old Cambridge Baptist Church.
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