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Michael Culhane... Metal, kinetic, and film...

Artist directory :: Michael Culhane... Metal, kinetic, and film industry art

Fine art website for metal fabrication of small interior art and wind or water powered kinetic public art. I also make film reel art for the film industry.

Michael Culhane...  Metal, kinetic, and film industry art


michael culhane 
My inspirations come from the L.A. lifestyle that I grew up in, contrasting the slick hurried feel of the city on one hand with the organic embrace of the mountains and miles of beach on the other. My kinetic work tries to bring some of the the wind and waves back into this city. I often use discarded film reels rescued from the archives of major studios, giving them a new life in this age of digital. Lately I'm working with wire sculptures which are an extension of my kinetic art. I'm still using metal but the movement comes from the curves in the design that your eye can slide on. The wire sculptures are made from one continues wire which is more difficult but enhances the fluid motion when observed.


1. Kinetic Artwork Garden, kinetic artwork.
2. Public art All sculptures are located in Los Angeles Ca.
3. Conceptual film industry art  Much of my work is about the insight I gather within the film industry. from long time directors to retiring prop masters, film-makers express a sense of loss in their ever changing world. It's a whole culture within itself and at the same time a reflection of all of humanity.
4. Copper works My favorite material is copper. It's soft and heavy so it has to be precise to let it move with wind or water but the patina it achieves is beautifully organic and will continue to change.
5. Studio City Bridge Proposal This is a proposed project that is working it's way through the L.A. "Adopt a Median" program in Studio City. Two of these finials will be installed on the Moorpark bridge close to Laurel Canyon.
6. Wire Sculpture My Wire Sculptures are an extension of my kinetic art. It's still metal but the movement comes from the curves in the design.
7. Graphite drawings During the pandemic I started to draw. Here is some of my work.
8. Dragon Wings  Dragon Wings are sculpted, wind driven, kinetic artwork. 7' in diameter. Coated aluminum, stainless steel supports. Very lightweight, rotates in unexpected ways.
9. Automata + Other directions in kinetic art
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