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Kristine Buchanan

Artist directory :: Kristine Buchanan

Kris Buchanan has a BA in Drawing, and concentrates in photo-realistic and abstract Silk and Watercolor paintings and drawings. Kris has won awards for her jewelry which is for sale through her web site.

Kristine Buchanan


Kris Buchanan 
I have a Fine Arts Degree and mainly paint with dye on silk and watercolors. I also create drawings and do award wining beaded jewelry some of which is for sale through my web site. I discovered beading through my daughter and have enjoyed applying the same aspects of color, motion, and perspective design that I learned in my formal education and over 30 years of painting and drawing to jewelry design. I have taught beading and micro macrame at national shows, retail stores and bead societies throughout the United States and the United Kingdom for more than 15 years. I have also written 4 “how to” books on Micro Macrame, which have sold over 25,000 copies worldwide. My watercolors hang in private collections in Hawaii, Texas, Australia,...


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Paintings - Watercolor, Silk and Acrylic Now you can buy any of my unsold paintings reproduced on high quality, UV resistant, ready to hang, 24 x 36 metal for only $500,00!!!!! Contact me thru the “Contact” page on this web site. LIMITED TIME OFFER I've done paintings since I was in high school, but watercolor is my very favorite, actually silk painting is a very close 2nd. I have many florals, but I also paint reflections, Koi and portraits.
*Bead Embroidery First I did Peyote Stitch, then left it behind and fell in love with bead embroidery. I like to mix the embroidery with freeform macrame, silk Shibori and book making.
Wire Jewelry - Freeform My daughter, Gretchen, who ownes Piece of Mind Beads in Sacramento, gave me some really nice wire tools for my birthday. Then her family, my husband and I went on a cruise to Mexico and she brought her tools, wire and some crystals. We sat on the pool deck and she showed me how to do wire work.
* Non Micro Macrame Jewelry Besides macrame, I also do Peyote Stitch jewelry, bead embroidery and handmade books (that have macrame and embroidery on them).
* Micro Macrame Necklaces Many of the necklaces are from my books, either the project, or a variation of the project, but some are just necklaces that I needed to make - you know how that is!
* Micro Macrame Bracelets I love wearing bracelets and most of these are in my books. Look through them to see ideas of what you can do.
* Micro Macrame Books for sale Each book has at least 8 projects and are from beginning to advanced. Projects incorporate the use of beads, crystals, serpentine, fiber, ribbon, and interesting tidbits. There are 32 pages, full color, with lots of pictures and illustrations (I'm a picture person).
Wall Art Murals make everything better!
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