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Artist directory :: KUHL FRAMES + ART

Since 2007, Kuhl Frames + Art has offered custom framing services ranging from mat and glass cuts to museum quality framing. We can satisfy many styles with a variety of frames from simple black to unique hand finished frames.



Kuhl Frames + Art 
My adventure in the world of visual art and design started back in 1990 when I attended art school for photography. In 1991, I started out as a photo assistant for an Architectural and Interiors photographer based out of Philadelphia. Over the next 8 years we would do work for some of the largest design firms and major publications, Architectural Digest (twice), Interiors Magazine, Architectural Record, and more. I have a true love for design. In 1999, I relocated to Sonoma County, CA and started my own photography business that lasted 7 years. The city life was calling and I decided to shift gears completely. I wanted to pursue my other love of picture framing. I opened shop in 2007 in Oakland, CA and business continued to grow over the next 13 years....


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2755 NW Crossing Dr
Suite 109
Bend, OR 97703
United States


Framing Samples Samples of framing work done at Kuhl Frames.
Pinhole Photos, medium format This gallery of images were taken with a wooden Ondu medium format pinhole camera. Each exposure ranges from 10-30 seconds, some being multiple exposures done in camera.
Commissions I was asked to make multiple pieces for a customers home. I collaborated with painter Elisa Carozza on this project. The process started by the clients sending images of art they liked, with the understanding that these are just inspiration.
Elisa Carozza "The interests and elements relevant to the development of my personal style include calligraphic marks and gestures, a personal, mythological symbol system (birds, nets, water, mountains, fire, trees), and a strong sense of place...
Craig Boretz Abstract expressionist Craig Boretz uses color, form, and movement to describe emotions with passionate creativity in the spirit of de Kooning, Pollack, Kline, and Kandinsky. His perspective is simple, contrast and contradiction equal harmony. He sees things for their beauty and keeps the elements straightforward and direct with color and texture as the central themes.
Lil Tuffy Each year since 2008 we have exhibited up to 730 works by Lil' Tuffy. Join us each year between November to January.
Tony Speirs Paintings on panel
David Spellmeyer B+W photography focusing on architecture.
Carrie Mae Smith Good Times Carrie Mae Smith & Greg Watson
Greg Watson Good Times Carrie Mae Smith & Greg Watson
Art Farm Motel Art Farm Motel is a collaberation of 60-75 artist whom join forces each year to produce a large scale project for Burning Man Festival.
Jason Montano Black &White Polaroid photos
Roy Berkowitz Locale : people + places Two Oakland photographers are developing their styles working in the streets and in open spaces, capturing images on film that reveal what makes the Bay Area such a wonderful and diverse locale.
Philip Krohn Orchard Ladder, installation Gouache on paper
Dawood Marion Pastel and Acrylic on paper each is 42 inches wide and 8 ft. tall
Dana Lynn-Louis Hand painted mirrors, varied sizes
Joe Leonard 7 items
Full Service Art + Installation SELECTED PROJECTS Our clients hired us to help conceive, create, procure, frame, and install the art to be provided. We started with a meeting and walk through of the space to determine what would be best for their needs.
Pandora Media (Oakland) We've worked with Pandora Media on several projects for their HQ since 2009. We've selected, framed and installed over 50 screen printed limited edition concert posters by graphic artist Lil Tuffy. In 2011, we commissioned Roy Berkowitz to photograph 20 Bay Area music/entertainment venues for the halls and conference rooms of Pandora's 15th floor.
Skates Restaurant The following client purchased art from an out of state gallery. The crated art work was shipped to the shop for unpacking, inspecting, delivery to location, and installation.
Kincaid's (Oakland) The client purchased art from an out of state gallery. The crated art work was shipped to the shop for unpacking, inspecting, delivery to location, and installation.
Social Security Administration Each photo below was commissioned for a series of conference rooms of its namesake. Local photographer Roy Berkowitz was hired to provide the images.
Lukas Taproom and Lounge The following images were taken around Oakland. The photos, framing, and installation were all done in house by Travis Kuhl.
Main Street Launch (OBDC) Framing and installation of photographs of OBDC clients.
Belcampo Meat Co. We were hired to frame several different series for the butcher shop and restaurant on Polk St. in S.F. and Palo Alto, CA.
Boersch Shapiro LLP We were asked to layout and hang a series of 14 framed prints on two opposing walls.
Montclair residence Steel framed mirror installation 21x40 each
Bryan Schwartz Law Bryan Schwartz has been a long standing client of ours. When Bryan expanded his offices he wanted a vibrant place for his employees and clients. Bryan purchased and delivered us 17 paintings, some on paper, and some on canvas.
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