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Lea Nickless

Artist directory :: Lea Nickless


Lea Nickless 
I work with watercolor, mixed media and the form of the book. Natural forms, especially microscopic images, inform my work. I am drawn to the unseen and the unknown.


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Coconut Grove, FL 33133
United States


Monoprints Here are some new works created during the summer of 2012.
Water & Oil These are pieces produced for an exhibition at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, opening January 21, 2011 through February 20. The works reflect a meditation on the environmental distress caused by the eruption in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. In this work, oil pigment floated on water to produce images reminiscent of NASA satellite imagery.
Bound/Unbound These works were produced for an exhibition of my work at the Freedom Tower, Miami Dade College, Miami in 2008.
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