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. . . Whimsical and Fine Art Paintings

Artist directory :: . . . Whimsical and Fine Art Paintings

Featuring the art of artist, Linda Shelton.

 . . . Whimsical and Fine Art Paintings


Chairs 10 items
Chickens Here are some fantastical and whimsical paintings of my chickens!
Corkers 10 items
Mixed Media 15 items
Pen & Ink 4 items
Watercolor 18 items
Zentangle 15 items


This metalwork originated as a piece from Deer Ridge Correctional Institute in Madras. I purchased the piece as the basis for my grand-daughter's wedding gift. As you can see, I've added to the original metalwork and have left space for Tiana to add her own photos and magnets.

This is my Chair for Chair-ity for Children for 2015. It is presently on display in Starbucks on Rimrock Way in Redmond. All of the 2015 Chairs are available for viewing at:

New Chair for Chair-ity . . . the beginning
The Chair: The GFWC of Central Oregon is once again sponsoring the "Chair-ity for Children" project, benefiting Sparrow Clubs. This image shows the bare bones before I begin to embellish it. My theme for this chair is "Time".

Joy Tumbler for Amber
This Zentangle piece was created as a Christmas Gift for my niece, Amber. To reflect the holiday season and life in general, I decided to emphasize the word "JOY."

I've been interested in Zentangle for a long time. I also love to work in pen and ink. This has led me to creating these one-of-a-kind inserts for Starbucks tumblers.

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