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Unique Ceramic Ware by Marissa Motto

Artist directory :: Unique Ceramic Ware by Marissa Motto

I see my ceramics as both art and entertainment. I think of each piece, wither a teapot or a fountain as sculpture. I try to bring a fresh and playful perspective to my artwork with the form and the colorful glazes.

Unique Ceramic Ware by Marissa Motto


Marisa Motto 
I am now retired from making ceramics to sell. Thanks to all my customers for the years of support and encouragement. You have my deepest gratitude! Since 1989, Marissa has lived in Snohomish, WA. Recently moved to Whidbey Island in Washington State. Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, she went to school at Laney college and Calif. College of Art in Oakland. Where she studied ceramics, sculpture and painting (BFA). She has shown her whimsical ceramics in galleries and art shows throughout the US and Canada. And enjoys the challenge of working with clients on special orders. Marissa has also taught ceramic classes.


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Clinton, WA 98236
United States


Teapots You can't help but smile when using these whimsical teapots. Have your own Mad Hatter tea party.
Garden art Add color &whimsy to the garden with a unique ceramic art bell, birdhouse or birdbath. Birds are welcome.
Totems & Sculptures One of a kind totem sculpture made of stoneware clay fired to cone 6. Really make a statement!
Fountains The sound of water is so soothing. Why not have it be beautiful as well.
2-D art Fun reproductions of paintings I made of my ceramic artwork. Magnets, prints and cards that are blank inside with quotes on the back.
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