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handmade theatre masks

Artist directory :: handmade theatre masks

Full face and half masks for theatre; archetypal caricature. Private commissions or sets available for workshop and actor training purposes. Shamanic masks personally created. All designs unique and made to order.

handmade theatre masks


Using the vehicle of Masked Theatre and related skills, and where appropriate Combined and Applied Arts, it is the primary aim of Mask Matters to explore, define and express the multiple roles and ‘faces’ of the human condition. The purpose of this aim is for entertainment, social inclusion, education, self development and the betterment of both human interactions and inclusive Community ideals. And for FUN!! About Sally: Sally Elsbury is Mask Matters. She is a mask maker, drama teacher and actress. Sally first began sculpting and creating masks in 1993 as an employed trainee of ‘Trading Faces’ mask Theatre Company, Oxford, UK. The Company is now, unfortunately closed, but took its inspiration and development from the early days of Trestle...


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County Cork


Basic Perfect for workshops, beginners and performance. This set of six, full face, caricature masks are available for purchase individually or in sets.
Intermediate Suitable for more experienced actors and students. Set of four intermediate, full face, workshop masks. Available for purchase individually or in sets of four, these masks are more complex to play, as they are a mixture of the more pure archetypes. When different expressions are contained within one character it becomes multi dimensional.
Half For the more advanced student of Mask Theatre, half masks require the actor to find a voice to match the physicality of the mask character.
Elementals Four Elemental masks Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Created originally for Shamanic Ceremonial work, these masks are available for your own use. They have strong animal qualities. The set of four Elementals can be painted differently, if required, to suit customer.
Broken Links A full gallery of the Broken Links Project performance. Masks used are comprised of the basic set of full face archetypes, and a few more custom made. PHOTOS BY Rodrigo Hernández, Collectivo Sustento, Chile, Santiago. Colectivo Sustento | Santiago, Chile
Commissions Commissions can be made to order, and are One-Off creations. You the customer tell us what you require, and we will work in collaboration with you at the design stage. Masks can be made from Artwork or just an idea. Masks featured here are not for sale. They are for information and inspiration only.
The Witches Commissioned by CETEC of Italy CETEC - Centro Europeo Teatro E Carcere as part of a European Edge Festival, these three 'Norn Sisters' represent the archetypal female triad. Past (Eagle Crone) Present (Mediterranean woman) and future (Young Cat woman). Together they weave the fates of man, and even the Gods.
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