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Artist directory :: Tropical art and custom wire wrapped pendants

Tropical art with a Hawaiian theme. Local scenes of Hawaii and California painted in oils and acrylic. Check out the new addition of Custom Wire Wrapped Stones and Healing Crystals Tropical art and custom wire wrapped pendants


M Dixon Art 
Raised in coastal southern California, Mark started surfing in 1962. His love for the ocean and passion for surfing inspires his artistic creations. Mark's unique perspective of surfing the waves and snorkeling beneath them, allows him to capture the ocean's infinite beauty above and below the surface in his underwater scenes and stunning seascapes. The ocean's changing moods and magnificence are showcased in Mark's art.


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San Diego, CA 92008
United States


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Carpentry I love to apply my artestry in woodwork.


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Please send an e-mail after you view the site. Your opinion is very valuable and any comments are appreciated! Aloha, Mark.

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