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Michele Jones A.O.C.A.D.

Artist directory :: Michele Jones A.O.C.A.D.

Bringing creativity to your home.

Michele Jones A.O.C.A.D.


Michele Jones 
Being an artist has been a gift. Since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1990 I have been self employed as a mural artist and decorative artist honing my craft and extending my education in the process. I grew up in northern Ontario and received my first art award in kindergarten. I sculpted my collie Cleo and her 9 puppies with great accuracy, right down to the different colours of each of the puppies toes. My first report card said that I didn't socialize with the other children. Of course not, I had a big job to do and an abundance of materials to do it with! Once I finished that project there was an assembly in the gymnasium where the entire student body had gathered to present me with a yellow ribbon that said ART. Cleo and...


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Cambridge, ON


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