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Contemporary Paintings by Olga Gernovski

Artist directory :: Contemporary Paintings by Olga Gernovski

Welcome to my on-line fine art gallery. I am a professional, classically trained artist. My paintings have a modern look with textured brush strokes. They are expression of my distinct style that I developed over the years and named “Color Dance”

Contemporary Paintings by Olga Gernovski


Olga Gernovski 
Artistic Statement - "Being a visual artist is the pure excitement of using a brush to express movement by deliberately applying paint to the surface. To live and feel each moment as an interpretation of color from life to the canvas." Olga Gernovski was born in the Ukraine, where her art education began. She trained intensively in painting and drawing for several years. In 1994 Olga and her family moved to Boston, where she completed her formal education at the Art Institute of Boston. Since then Olga has studied and trained with such masters as Kim English, Dennis Perrin, and Peggi Kroll-Roberts. Over time, Olga has developed a unique personal style with bold brush strokes and deliberate color application. Artistic Achievements include: Olga's...


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Beverly, MA
United States


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