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Orest Parobok-Sculpture

Artist directory :: Orest Parobok-Sculpture

Sculpture artwork in wood, stone, bronze and mix materials.

Orest Parobok-Sculpture


Orest Parobok 
Orest Parobok Born-10-03-59 Lviv, Ukraine 111 Wood Ave, Amityville NY,-11701 Education 1974-1979 Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Art Named After Ivan Trush. Artist of Decorative Art. (Lviv, Ukraine) 1981-1986 Lviv National Academy of Art. Interior Design. (Lviv, Ukraine) 1987 One semester of Drawing and Painting-Course for art college teachers (St. Petersburg, Russia) St. Petersburg State Academy Institute Of Painting After Ilya Repin. Exhibitions and Work 1975 -exhibition of students and teaches to the 100th Anniversary of College. 1982 -exhibition of young artists in Kyiv, Ukraine. 1987-exhibition of young artists in Kyiv, Ukraine. 1986 - 1993 teacher in Lviv Art College . 1990 -Head of Art Woodcraft Chair of Lviv Art College. 1996-Moved to...


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111 Wood ave.
Amityville, NY 11701
United States


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