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Patricia Resseguie

Artist directory :: Patricia Resseguie

Patricia Resseguie is a fine art fiber artist creating 2-D and sculptural work. She currently works with sewing thread as a medium, using free motion embroidery to create the work.

Patricia Resseguie


Patricia Resseguie 
Despite a passionate dislike of home economics sewing classes, I returned to the thrum of a sewing machine in my middle age. It seemed the only way to create the line, color, texture and shadow to express ideas about how life evolves physically, mentally and spiritually. I have listened a million times to the “kerchunk” of the needle drop, using up thousands of yards of sewing thread, building compositions stitch by stitch. Covid isolation drew me away from the sewing machine toward new mediums. I began inking mantrams on prayer slips to provide spiritual support to those suffering around the world. While the crisis is mostly past, the work continues to evolve. One day the mediums may merge I suppose. My formal training includes a M.F.A. (2002) and a...


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Washington State
Camano Island, WA 98282
United States


Invocations The fiber works in Invocations express ideas about transcendence in the yoga spiritual tradition. The paper weavings started as a response to those suffering and dying from the Covid-19 pandemic. I cut strips of mulberry paper on which I wrote 20 invocations of the name of God from five major spiritual traditions. I wrote these invocations and tied them to a metal grid in my backyard day after day.
Earth Elements In the Fall of 2010, visitors to Matzke Fine Art &Sculpture park were given an opportunity to write Prayers For Our Mother (Earth) on strips of rice paper. These strips were tied into the Japanese maples in the park and weathered some months there. After the installation was dismantled, I stored the prayer slips away awaiting inspiration.
Metamorphosis The "science" of alchemy is about transforming base metal into silver and gold. Metaphysical alchemy is about transforming our accumulated wisdom into spiritual enlightenment. As our physical bodies begin to age, we undergo this precious transformation.
Life Goes On The Life Goes On Series was inspired by Finding Home. The 14" x 14". framed pieces consist of images that measure about 6.5"x 6.5".
Finding Home Finding Home, completed in late 2012, is a work about recovery from trauma. I have frequently used representations of maps, landscape and lichens in my embroidery. I wanted to use lichens in this work because they are often the first life form to colonize the landscape.
Cascadia The Cascadia series is inspired by living and working in the Pacific Northwest. I am particularly drawn to the rain forests and the lichens and mosses that cling to every surface.
Lichen Studies These studies of patches of lichen, initiated in 2010, give me a format to evaluate shape, color and texture for larger projects.
Of Eyes The Of Eyes series explores color and pattern in a small, jewel-like format. For me, the eyes - whether animal or human - are tiny, abstract landscapes where the dark pupil is a gateway to something beyond.
Other Works Occasionally I will try different mediums. This work offers more of a social statement.
Drawings These pen and ink drawings of lichen give me a chance to study pattern and texture preparatory to creating work in thread.


NOW Beauty and Paradox Opens At Museo on May 6
I am excited to be part of a 10 artist show at Museo in Langley, WA. Curated by Museo and artist Nancy Loorem Adams, the show explores contemporary issues through art work designed to express deeper paradoxical meaning.

Fiber Fusion Will Travel Across Washington State
Stanza 602 of the Life Goes On Series was selected as part of Fiber Fusion, a juried exhibition featuring members of the Surface Design Association residing in Washington state. The show will travel: in June, at Allied Arts in Richland; in November, at VALA in Redmond; in February, 2017, at Northwind Arts Center, Port Townsend; and in March, 2017, at the Schack Art Center in Everett. While Stanza 602 will be in all four shows, up to six works in the Life Goes On Series will be shown at some venues.

Work Selected for Lobby Vitrine at Bellevue Arts Museum
Director of Curatorial Affairs Stefano Catalani selected At Mile Markers 7 and 14 for exhibition in the lobby of Bellevue Arts Museum( BAM) from May through October. In partnership with BAM, a lobby vitrine features work by members of Northwest Designer Craftsmen. At Mile Markers 7 and 14 recalls hikes in the rain forests of Alaska.

Between - A Shared Experience Opens November 6 in Anacortes
Between –A Shared Experience, a group exhibition of 10 artists associated with Camano Island, opens Friday, Nov 6 at Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes. Between –A Shared Experience explores the artistic links between process and imagination, between daily living and creating art, between love and loss, between art and community.

NWDC at UW Medicine South Lake Union Opens Oct 1
More than 50 artists from Northwest Designer Craftsmen will exhibit their work throughout the new South Lake Union facility of UW Medicine. There is a public opening Thursday evening, October 1. The works will be on display during business hours through December 30.

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