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Peaceful Spring Designs Contemporary Jewelry

Artist directory :: Peaceful Spring Designs Contemporary Jewelry

Peaceful Spring Designs are distinctive statement pieces to enhance your look & personality. Some are "serious"-precious metals and stones. Others are "fun"-a mix of objects that I've found on my travels. Your jewelry should reflect who YOU are!

Peaceful Spring Designs Contemporary Jewelry


Peaceful Spring Designs 
My background is science and engineering. I was a petroleum engineer for 25 years. When I retired, I needed a creative outlet. I loved polished rocks as a kid, so why not try jewelry! I took a metalsmithing class at a local junior college and fell in love with it. I see the finished designs in my head then have to backwards engineer how to do them. The goal of my designs is to make you feel happy, special and get lots of compliments when you wear my jewelry. Have fun and be bold! As you can see from my photos, I'm now an old-fart lady who likes to be silly and travel. My brain really works on designs, when I get away from "normal life". I love to incorporate many of my travel finds into my jewelry. Right now I have pieces with a glasses-cleaning cloth...


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4566 Flying Goat Ave NE
Unit C100
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
United States


"Serious" Designs Sterling silver, 14k gold, semi-precious stones, pearls but still in bold, contemporary designs
"Fun" Designs 6 items
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