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PM Robinson Studio

Artist directory :: PM Robinson Studio

Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas 24 X 18

Seasonal Adornment

Of Crows and Man


PM Robinson 
Patricia Robinson Stolarski Long Grove, Illinois When I began painting, I worked often with family portraits to tell the stories of my ancestors –their beliefs, attitudes and character. I gravitated soon to more conceptual works of nature, people and just life, working primarily in acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Art for me is commenting on and trying to figure out Life. I officially launched my art career on Camano Island, WA. There, I exhibited at various opportunities locally and in Seattle, including: A Guilded Gallery (Stanwood, WA); the NWS juried ‘Waterworks’ 2009 (Bothell), and; the EAFA Open Juried 2011 and 2012 Exhibitions (Bellevue and Seattle, respectively). Now, in the NW Chicago Suburbs, I exhibited in gallery spaces in the...


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Long Grove, IL
United States


On Being Human As Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) wrote in his Letters to a Young Poet : I want to ask you, as clearly as I can, to bear with patience all that is unresolved in your heart, and try to love the questions themselves. . .
Recent favorites... Bee Balm and Labrador Tea are examples of nature's invitation to closeups, highlighting unique and intriguing properties of its offerings. Socially distanced ...The virus pandemic brought focus on social distancing and the trauma, pain and suffering that results. We were, and are, socially distanced in so many ways beyond 6 feet of physical space. Birds of Mythology...
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