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Raindancer Designs

Artist directory :: Raindancer Designs

I specialize in creating well-made and affordable jewelry with quality materials.

Raindancer Designs


Raindancer Designs 
I started beading over 20 years ago when my boyfriend wanted beads woven into his hair. A strange beginning, I'll admit, but it began my passion for beads and, soon after, making jewelry. The boyfriend is long gone, but the beads are still here! I've been crafting and creating art my entire life, from painting and drawing, to paper crafts and scrapbooking....and, of course, making jewelry! I find inspiration for my work everywhere - nature, art, textiles and, especially, every time I walk into a bead store. My current passion is wirework, and aluminum wire in particular. I love finding new ways to manipulate it and create something beautiful.


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Sacramento, CA 95825
United States


Etched Metals Collection I etch all of the metal components - copper, brass, bronze, and nickel silver - in this collection myself. While a few shapes come pre-cut, most start out as sheet metal. I cut and file each piece, apply the design and use a liquid etchant to etch all areas of the metal that aren’t covered by the design.
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