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Sivan Raviv

Artist directory :: Sivan Raviv


Sivan Raviv 
"I believe art is a form of expression and a gift given to those who choose to use it. We are all artists. We all create, express and reflect in unique and individual ways. This is my reflection." - Sivan Raviv Art and creativity have played a role in Sivan's life for as long as she can remember. She studied two years of architecture in university and obtained her bachelor's degree in a Multidisciplinary Program in the Arts. Her flair for modern and abstract forms of art developed once she graduated. She then attained her master's degree at Columbia University in New York City. Sivan's artwork has been exhibited and sold in various locations around the world such as Canada, the United States and Israel. She...


Acrylic Paintings The following paintings are Modern, Expressionist and Abstract paintings by artist Sivan Raviv.
Portraits 6 items
Ketubah As Jewish tradition goes, a signed matrimonial 'Ketubah' is given to the mother of the bride for safekeeping. However, an additional designed and artistic Ketubah may be individually painted for the couple - a souvenir from one of life's greatest moments.
Interior & Exterior Design Murals, Walls, Poles and other Design Elements Technique: Acrylic Painting ; Mosaics
Ceramics - Pottery Ceramic elements and objects - made by hand as well as on the wheel.
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