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RayRichardson Art

Artist directory :: RayRichardson Art

Welcome to my online portfolio, my art is divided by category so click the title choice you'd like and thanks for viewing

RayRichardson Art


Ray Richardson 
It was a stroke that changed everything! Originally from Northern New Jersey, I have been into comic style art for many years. My specialty is comic and cartoon style art but I also enjoying working in digital, and airbrushing. I have been creating for over 20 Years. I have experience as a Spot Illustrator, storyboards, concept art, tattoo designs, airbrushed art, storybookart, poster art, caricatures, using various mediums. I have recently worked for Topps as a sketch card artist on Mars Attacks, Star Wars and The Walking Dead series. Currently I am venturing into fine art and have been painting since 2013, after a stroke triggered a creative switch in my brain. I love plein air and studio painting. This site contains my latest works and creative...


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North Carolina
United States


Figurative Paintings featuring the figure
Vehicle Art featuring vehicles
Gouache studies Plein air and practice using gouache
Landscapes Paintings from photo and from life(plein air)
Abstracts Abstract flags, landscapes, and more.
Pets and Animals Portraits of pets, animals and creatures
Sketchbook Random drawings and doodles from my imagination and life.
Commissions  Plein air and commissioned art.
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