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Rick Cardoza

Artist directory :: Rick Cardoza

Rick Cardoza is an avid landscape painter and outdoor enthusiast.

Rick Cardoza


Rick Cardoza 
Member Since: 08/28/2011 Add to Watch List Join E-Mail List Visit Website Contact Rick Cardoza, who works out of his home studio in Bradenton FL, is an avid landscape painter and outdoor enthusiast. Inspired by the master landscape paintings of Monet, Homer, and Sargent, Rick's paintings often celebrate wilderness and wildlife themes. Using strong contrasts of light and rich application of color, he tries to accentuate nature’s untamed forms, textures, and feeling of space for the viewer. Rick is a Signature Artist Member and past President of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society, Artist Member of the Cape Cod Art Association, and member of the Art Centers of Sarasota and Manatee. His work has been exhibited and received awards in numerous group shows....


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