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Rick Papp Art

Artist directory :: Rick Papp Art

The journey of days brings many images. Some of which can be captured on canvas to be shared and cherished by many or a few. Enjoy the colors of life.

Rick Papp Art


Rick Papp 
At an early stage of my life my talent for drawing was discovered by my parents. With this newly discovered talent I was enrolled in summer art classes at Loch Haven Art Center in Orlando Florida. It was here that I started to draw and paint in a structured environment. I continued to draw and paint over the years and once entering college at UCF in Orlando I began to develop my style and technique that is currently reflected in my work. After graduating with a degree in fine art, with painting as my primary focus, I began working in an art gallery and design center and selling my work on a commission basis. What you see here is a small sampling of my work that's been created over the last forty years.The majority of my career has been spent in the...


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922 Bendleton Drive
Woodstock, GA 30188
United States


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