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Robin Suh's Visual Prayers

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Robin Suh Art 
The author Fredrick Buechner writes "many modern writers have succeeded in exploring the depths of human darkness and despair and alienation in a world where God seems largely absent...But it is the presence of God rather than the absence that I would write about, of death and dark and despair as NOT the last reality but only the next to the last." My hope is that through these paintings I have revealed my experiences of the presence of God in life. God is real. God is good. And God is powerfully and actively redeeming this world as well as each and everyone of us.


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Kingdom Come 47 items
Dynamis Theou 37 items
All is Grace 13 items
Cosmos in Chaos 18 items
Anamnesis Remembrance


Anamnesis is a Greek word for 'remembrance'. It includes remembering of things from our past as well as the Christian Church’s Eucharist in which the passion, resurrection, and ascension of Christ are recalled. This show is about my personal remembrance.

Anamnesis: Inspirations from readings for art work
1 PRESENCE The Real Presence is just that, real and life- transforming. Nor are the conditions for the manifestation of his splendors out of the reach of any of us. -Albert Edward Day We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade, the presence of God. The world is crowded with him.

All is Grace: Inspirations from readings for art work
BERAKAH Berakah is a Hebrew word for blessings. Grace evokes gratitude like the voice an echo. Because God blesses us, we bless God.

Dynamis Theou: Inspirations from readings for art work
LET THERE BE LIGHT In the beginning, astronomers declare, there was only the blackness of space: no movement, no light, no life. Then out of utter stillness there began to be a moving, a pulsing (breath of God? the Word of God going forth?) and this moving and radiating energy was, and is, a kind of light, though the human eye cannot see it. ( HPB p.

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