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Stuart Allen Walker

Artist directory :: Stuart Allen Walker

“My interest in the process of creating was born out of years of collaboration with other artists."

Stuart Allen Walker


Stuart Allen Walker 
Artist Statement Stuart A. Walker My interest in art lies in the communication between my subconscious mind and the energy that runs through the world around us. This communication takes form through the use of various mediums. The dialogue, through this creative process, provides a framework for me to relate to the world around me, and allows me to use anything in my environment as an interactive communication tool. Painting and mixed media allows for a fluid conversation where chance and experimentation open up new concepts and re-explore old ones. The work of art is a container for the energy exchanged between the mediums, the viewer and myself, and is an embodiment of the conversation had. Throughout my art career,...


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Austin, TX 78704
United States


New Works Most recent works within the last year.
Florals Floral in spirit
Abstracts 13 items
Figurative Past work
Stencil Art Hand cut stencils and the works created from them
Sculpture 5 items
Collaborations Works done with Discovery Collaborative Arts and the inner circle
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