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Artist directory :: TSHUNART LLC

Diva (8x12 inches) $90

To purchase ,text me (954)682-5586


I am Chinese but I was born in Indonesia. I grew up in a small house. Downstairs my parents manufactured noodles that we sold to both restaurants and the public. My grandparents had moved to Indonesia from China in the 1930s to try to make a better life for our family. Being immigrants, we were limited to only the ways of the native Indonesians. We were not permitted to study our heritage our Chinese language at all. Pontianak is a beautiful tropical paradise where the equator passes right through the middle of town. I spent my youth playing in the lush jungles and on the pure white sandy beaches of the Java Sea and the South Pacific. These colors and surroundings would later become the inspiration for my work. In elementary school one...


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1200 NW 43rd Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
United States


Greeting Card (1set @6 cards) $100 Greeting Card 1 set (shown as a picture) Size 5x8 inches Inside blank (envelope included)
Gallery These arts are sold. This is just the idea if you are want do special order. I can create similar art but not exactly same) Size and background can be made by request.
Shop To purchase, text me (954)682-5586


Downtown Disney
I will have a show at Hoypoloi Art Gallery in Downtown Disney on Friday August 22 from 5 PM - till? and Saturday August 23, from 4 PM - till? Come visit me, I will be making "Art on the Spot" See you then?

Calendar of events
I will begin producing a calendar of the shows I will be in shortly.

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