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Stacye Leanza : Murals + Illustration

Artist directory :: Stacye Leanza : Murals + Illustration

Find your Artistic Voice - is a VISUAL art class Weds. nights - Starting July 24 , 2024 correct starting date is July 31, 2024 It runs for 4 weeks; 6:45 - 9:00 PM This on-going class offers tools &techniques to help you find a clear path to your creative source. Warm-ups and exercises are designed to by-pass your inner critic, encourage artistic exploration, and increase confidence in your authentic self-expression… If you are at the beginning of your art-making journey, or need guidance in taking the next big leap, this class is for you. This class is great for: empty-nesters &retirees with time to invest in themselves, in a nurturing way … Those returning to art-making after a lengthy detour / absence. as well as high-schoolers wanting to prepare a dynamic portfolio for art school …and for: young people growing their own style,...

Find your Artistic Voice (Revival)


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Stacye Leanza 
BIO: I was born in the middle of a huge Catholic family, and grew up in the ‘burbs of PA &NY. I digested my art education –a BFA in Illustration from Parson’s School of Design in NYC –by traveling around the world, getting a good dose of art, culture, and perspective along the way. When I wasn't traveling, I was learning a lot about children by working as a daycare provider, and teaching art to kids. I moved back and forth between NYC and San Francisco, following either my artistic desires, or my need to lighten up and have some fun. Raising my own child was my next big thing. After settling into parenting, I was able, by a mix of good fortune and mid-life crisis, to build a career on mural-making. It has since expanded to include illustration. This is...


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Pittsboro, NC
United States


Children's Book Illustrations My children's books tend to be on the humorous/ "edgy” side. But often they include serious emotional subject matter, as well. My favorite media are oil pastel (bold &colorful), colored pencil with watercolor (detailed &sensitive), and pen &ink (usually on the cartoonish side).
Maps! Posters! These maps &posters illustrate the flavor of the event. The maps also show how to find your way. They are extremely fun to make! Perhaps you need one for your event??
Comics for Kids Here are the Sophie &Sappho strips that were published in the Carrboro Free Press in 2009. They were created for the "Kid's Freep" page, and designed to be an ongoing story, "...told a page at a time." Click twice on an image so that it will zoom in large enough to read.
Editorial Illustrations (Magazine, newspaper, and other book illustrations.) If left to my own devices, my editorial illustration would tend to be on the humorous/satiric side, like my children’s book illustration. But, what my clients want, they get. So you will see a few different styles here.
Murals My murals range from large-scale outdoor productions to small indoor projects. They are community centered; expressing the ideas and identity of the community they serve. The intent is to create a sense of belonging and pride within the group.
Portraits & Sketches Most of these were done for myself, out in the world. Known as Reportage, or Urban Sketching, or even Reportorial Illustration, these are sketches made on the spot, designed to capture the essence of a place or event, &the people involved. Because no one is posing, they are often made rather quickly, "at the speed of life".
Paintings My painting process is pretty much the opposite of what I do for my mural and illustration clients. I paint what I want to explore, letting my curiosity lead me. It’s way more personal.
Volcano Book Art Here are some of the illustrations for the book, Mi Casa en el Volcán , (I Built my House on a Volcano ), written by Joe Cole , &published in 2014, on Vulcanalia, the feast of the god of fire &volcanoes! The book is billed as "a picture book for all ages", as it delves into ideas about decision-making &following one's passions... things we deal with all our lives. What I loved most about illustrating this book, is immersing myself into a fascinating culture, and its history.


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On the Process of Creating Aponí
practicing for big-time blogging in the near distant future, on juicy topics on which to ponder & converse: art theories, the art-making process, & showing off my own personal art, and other people's amazing art. Will you join me?

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