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Denise Packard

Artist directory :: Denise Packard

"Fantasy is looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities..." -Dr. Seuss

Denise Packard


Denise Packard 
Welcome. I began drawing and painting after college during the long hours on film sets and theaters when waiting for my scenes, as I am also a trained actor and performer. Thankfully other actors allowed me to draw them dancing in costume and somehow drawing kept my mind off of feeling a bit of stage fright. While I sometimes paint fantasy pieces, my true passion lies in painting personal portraits. You can view some of my artwork at Universal Citywalk, the Burbank Art Faire and in local galleries in Southern California. Several of my new pieces, of horse portraits, will be shown at the Conejo Valley Art Museum in Thousand Oaks, California from February through May to benefit the Equine Reserve in Ojai. Half of the proceeds will go directly to the...


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