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BRAVADOPAINT ~ Scott Grabowski Fine Art Painting

Artist directory :: BRAVADOPAINT ~ Scott Grabowski Fine Art Painting

Details: Size . . . . . . 6 x 6 Medium. . . .Marker &Pencil on paper Location . . .Marin County What was the dominant technical aspect of this painting… the value. What element of the composition did I go after… the vegitation. Yes it’s true . . . the home cooking smelt fantastic. Sketch by Scott Grabowski * * * * * * * * * Merchandise bearing my artwork is available at... + + ( Prints, Device Covers, Clothing, Home Decor Items, Stationary, Wall Art, Stickers, Magnets, Masks, Puzzles &more...) * * * * * * * * * My Instagram is bravadopaint_sg. (Tell your friends, before they tell you.)

Sketch 23.03 - House

14 My Sketch~book


scott grabowski 
- Artist Statement - If you don't know what to buy - buy what you like. Your HDTV will not appreciate - your art collection will. Like fresh cut flowers - original artwork is good for the soul. If you can't afford a painting - remind a friend your birthday is coming. If the painting doesn't match the sofa - toss the sofa. Artwork you give your parents - comes back to you in the will. What happens on the internet stays on the internet - there in lies the problem. Assume that whatever you take out on your waiter - your waiter will take out on your meatloaf. Rent only lasts a month - a painting is forever. Why should museums have all the good art... - R e s u m e - Honors: 2012 Jury's Top 50 Salon International Greenhouse Gallery 2011 Honorable Mention...


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EVENT: Scenes from Live Worms Gallery
Thank you to everyone who attended "Shutter A funkier gallery space, in a funkier neighborhood, you will not find. I think we were the only business a (4) block zone that didn't have a liquor license...

Los Gatos Plein Air
A big thank you to everyone who attended the Los Gatos Plein Air Auction. Thank you to the Los Gatos Rotary and Carol Waitte for putting on the event.

AWARD: for "In The Wee Small Hours"
Dateline Los Angeles: Richard Dawson ("Hogan's Heros" Newkirk) Dies at age 79. "In The Wee Small Hours" was awarded JURY'S TOP 50 in the Salon International 2012, International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art, Detail from "In the Wee Small Hours" Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas. ...and the survey says: 1,111 pieces were submitted to the Salon.

EVENT: Napa Valley Art Festival
I will be participating in the NAPA Valley Art Festival. Show date........Sat 18Aug11 Show Venue.....Community Center Show Local.......6516 Washington Street Yountville, CA This is a (1) day sale event. An Art Show in Wine Country, you can't beat that with a corkscrew...

EVENT: Los Gatos Plein Air Festival
I will be participating in the Los Gatos Plein Air Festival. Show date........Sat 13jun16 Show Local.....Los Gatos Town Plaza Show Time.......11:00-5:00 This is a (1) day Auction event. Come spend Saturday in "The Cats".

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