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Sue Wren Studios

Artist directory :: Sue Wren Studios

A Collection of Diverse Paintings and Photographs Featuring Women, Pattern Design, and Spiritual Images in Nature.

Sue Wren Studios


Sue Wren 
The power of narrative, or story telling is at the foundation of much of my art. A single picture creates a complex and descriptive moment in time. I enjoy crafting and documenting new forms of a visual short story. I grew up in South Seattle living in Holly Park Low Income Housing then graduated from Rainier Beach High School. I continued my education at Central Washington University and graduated with a Fine Art Degree from the University of Washington. I have traveled extensively and lived for a time in the South West. I make my home in the Skagit Valley in Mount Vernon Washington.


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In the beautiful Skagit Valley
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
United States


First People 2 items
dreams 2 items
A Little Skin 50 years after the Stonewall riots in New York City 2019 Pride Celebration
Pandemic 2020 5 items
The Jezebel RebelsCabaret Burlesque, corsets, sequins, feathers, high heels, singing, dancing, singing while dancing, fishnets, entertaining the masses, owning our own sexuality!
Mariachi and Folkloric Dancers Mount Vernon High School Mount Vernon High School is 60 percent Latino. Its graduation rate is 80%, slightly lower than the state average of 84%. Ramon Rivera teaches mariachi song and dance at MVHS, helping connect kids with their culture.
Skagit 11 items


Today but who are you in 200 years

Out of the blues
Sitting and listening to music has not been the answer to my blues BUT talking to friends and new friends has brought me back to ME.

Time to move
My butt not my location. Pandemic has made me go into my mind and wonder about consciousness and the body that it is in. Moving my mind to active....why did my mind choose to not move.... not my friends or family interaction that is great...but my mind to create. Everything is in front of me....all the tools to excite my self...but it is not happening. Only I can come up with the answer.

The Solo Artist
I hate walking into a gallery that is quiet, each footstep being heard. My art along with so many other artist are worked on with noise noise noise all around them. Messy studios, pot ashes, wine glasses, music playing.

I have aged during Pandemic. I have discovered Korean Drama and sit hour upon hour watching, not moving, decaying. I argue with the 3 me's inside my mind.

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