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Susan Anne Russell Artist

Artist directory :: Susan Anne Russell Artist

Weeping Willow Falls

Weeping Willow Falls


acrylic on canvas 24" x 36


Susan Anne Russell 
AUTHOR: SUSAN ANNE RUSSELL Susan Anne Russell is an artist who has sold her work to collectors in Italy, Chicago California, and Florida. She is an author and Professor of the Arts and Humanities. She has exhibited in galleries throughout Chicago since the age of twenty. Her studio is located on a lake which she draws her inspiration. She has been written up and reviewed by major papers such as The Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, The Chicago Reader and the Illinois Entertainer. “I am an artist. I live, breathe and feel art everyday. Art is my inner world of dreams, fantasies and exploration.” Art is everywhere. Being an artist is learning how to see, perceive, enlighten, and evoke. She is author of the textbook: Exposing Yourself to the Performing...


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Susan Anne Russell
Chicago, IL
United States


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