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These Women Paint!

Artist directory :: These Women Paint!

Oil on 12x16 Canvas

Marsh Life, Evening Hush

Landscapes and Pure MI

Living in MI has given me a new appreciation for the magnitude and variety of landscapes in our beautiful state. With increased building and tree removals happening around me, my goal is to capture our natural scenery before it is taken over with concrete and man's 'progressive' ambitions.


These Women Paint! 
These Women Paint! is a group of women that reside in rural southwestern Michigan. We artists come together on a weekly basis to paint, critique and challenge each other with new ideas and painting information. We enjoy each other's company and dedication to the arts. Our on-line gallery displays original fine art at fair market value; it includes landscapes, florals, wildlife and abstracts in a variety of mediums. Our members are Sara Haveman, Marilyn Troutman, Holly Willson and Jude Hardin. Sara Haveman has been making art since childhood. Nothing gave her greater joy than holding a brush loaded with tempura paint! After graduating from Western MI University with a B.S. in art education, 30 years were spent as an high school art teacher and after...


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Southwest Michigan
United States


Animals, Birds and Wildlife Since around age 5, I have dreams where I fly (yes, just like Tinker Bell!). What a marvelous experience! In these paintings, my wish is for you to experience flight, speed, energy and strength within the portrayal of these magnificent beings. Hear their calls; feel the swoosh of their wings (or legs); imagine the warming sun on you as you soar higher and glide on the wind trails.
Florals and Still Life With continual broken dirty fingernails and an horticultural degree in hand, my love for flowers has only increased since I started making them the center of my paintings. As you view my florals, I hope you can 'smell' them, 'feel' their soft, furry or shiny textures and 'hear' the wind blowing through their leaves.
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