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Tomas Castano

Artist directory :: Tomas Castano

Spanish Painter specializing in realistic style

Tomas Castano


Tomas Castano 
Tomas Castaño was born in Santander (Spain) in 1953. Self-taught, Tomas carved himself, based on determination and enthusiasm. He has a realistic style, his paintings are very well drawn and he also worries for the composition and perspective of his works. He is a landscape artist but characterized by his architectural work. His work is characterized by a serene and poetic realism, which translates the artist's delight when he paints streets of old quarters, antique buildings and facades with tradition. His paintings catch the magic of the aesthetics of the antiques, and transmit all the warmth and humanization of unprocessed environments by modern life. He has shown his work in group exhibitions in several countries such as Germany, Netherlands,...


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