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TomGirl Studio

Artist directory :: TomGirl Studio

Melodie Thompson Fine Art Painter : Landscape, Portrait, Still Life and Figure.

TomGirl Studio


Melodie Thompson 
I approach each piece as a unique story in itself. This allows me to explore the subject and connect to the viewer without losing the intrinsic beauty it has on its own. The story evolves as I paint and the titles emerge as the work progresses. Engaging the viewer by applying oil with palette knives, ink brayers and brushes creates geometric texture juxtaposed with luminosity. I am inspired by justice, compassion, equality, longing, beauty and hope. These themes become the underlying message I desire to convey. My work has sold to collectors and through designers across the US and the UK. I have shown in galleries in Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana. I attended Grace College where I studied Fine Art with an emphasis in painting. My growth as an...


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Delaware, OH
United States


Archival Prints Prints on matte 230g paper made with archival inks to last generations.
Visage 7 items
Rosebud -A fictional place where the Ordinary Inspires the Extraordinary.
Of Field and Fallow Philosopher, author, theologian, educator and civil rights leader Howard Washington Thurman once said, “There is a fallow time for the spirit when the soul is barren because of sheer exhaustion.” A fallow field is land that a farmer plows but doesn’t cultivate for one or more seasons. The practice, which dates back to ancient times, helps the soil recover from being used to grow crops.
Wildflower By definition, a wildflower is a flower that grows freely, resiliently, and beautifully. Wildflowers find themselves growing anywhere. They grow in the most unlikely of places, even in the darkest of night.
Human 19 items
Traveling Light I love the drama of a grey, rainy day in the city. I can get lost in the subtle variation in the reflection on the street and watching the light find its illumination in the shadows.
Halo The translucent light that surrounds us can only be made evident through a heart that is open to generous orthodoxy.
Unspoken Poetry The truth that engages our soul in visions that words cannot express.
Wide Open Spaces First Sight


Earthy green Abstract
Day 1 of starting this earthy green abstract.

Change of view
I've set up in a new space again- new lighting - new inspiration.

Lights across the Water
Working on this painting today and I was struck with how our lives can change in an instant. We happen to be in a weather pattern of rain and overcast clouds that has been with us for a month. When the sun does break through for momentary periods it is overwhelmingly wonderful.

Dancing in the Light
Dedication to Mom

Accendo Cloud series I,II,&III
Accendo cloud series I, II, III A single night of passage My heart searches the darkness Winds rage She illuminates… Her form quietly sweeps across the plains of my memory In the corner of my dream she whispers… Hope On display at Guissepe's in Bexley, OH.

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