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Tori Veach

Artist directory :: Tori Veach

A portfolio and place to request commissions. (disclaimer: art has not been updated since 2013)

Tori Veach


Victoria Veach 
Tori Veach is a young professional with a career in counseling, who's passion is helping people live a happier, healthier life. Her interest in human beings transfers into her art as the main subject of her paintings. She prefers to work in oil pants, and her aesthetic follows varying degrees of realism. Tori was born and raised in Woodstock, VA, but moved to Columbus, OH, after attending Ohio Wesleyan University. As a double major, she earned two degrees at OWU: one a BA in Psychology and the other a BFA in Fine Art. Following her time in Ohio, she moved across the country to the San Francisco Bay Area. While there, she immersed herself in her career in mental health, sacrificing the time and energy she could have put towards painting. Tori returned to...


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Woodstock, VA
United States


Pre-College Art from way back; mainly high school or summer art school.
3D works Includes metals, ceramics, etc.
2D works Includes paintings, drawings, and prints.
Works in Progress Pieces I am currently working on or decidedly unfinished.
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