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T. Y o u n g

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Abstract painting

T.  Y o u n g


T. Young 
Artist Statement - current movement &thought - how I create Biography - growing up &evolving my journey in art - from beginning to current Past --- Exhibitions | shows | education | awards | affiliations Studio info &other projects photo credit: Solvei Stohl (c)2018 . .ig-b- { display: inline-block; } .ig-b- img { visibility: hidden; } .ig-b-:hover { background-position: 0 -60px; } .ig-b-:active { background-position: 0 -120px; } .ig-b-v-24 { width: 137px; height: 24px; background: url(// no-repeat 0 0; } @media only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (min--moz-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (-o-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2 / 1),...


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T. Young @Northrup King Bldg Studio/Gallery 463
1500 Jackson St NE - Box 463
Minneapolis, MN 55413
United States


EvolvingStructures2020 EvolvingStructures - New &Continuing Work by T. Young Gallery+Studio463 This is T. Young's ongoing series of work carried on from Reboot2019 -------- Continuing the Composition of Line -------- Opening was originally scheduled for March 28, 2020 but has been postponed due to COVID-19 until further notice -- Please see the COVID-19 tab for updates the work continues with new work being added as completed
Reboot 2019 Reboot 2019
Open Series: CANVAS Painting the conversation on canvas
Open Series: WOOD Painting the conversation on wood
Sketchbook Art Prints An artists' sketchbook is an invaluable tool. Mine is the space I use religiously to create my mind’s eye ideas. Many of my completed paintings are born on the pages of my sketchbook long before I ever place a hand to brush and paint my composition in its finality.
Open Series: PAPER Painting the conversation on paper
Series: Grey Matter (ongoing series) greY maTTer This Series started in 20018 and is ongoing . . . In medical terms, grey matter is a type of neural tissue which is found in the brain and spinal cord.
Series:Binary & Infinity-The Infinite Language of Computers 2012 Binary &Infinity –The Infinite Language of Computers So much of what we do in our lives is based upon mathematical computations, equations or theories –Even art is based on math! Language which is a system created of formalized symbols, signs, sounds or gestures in order to communicate needs, wants, story, direction, etc. has been developed from the earliest use of hieroglyphs, verbal and nonverbal communication and has evolved through the centuries in a structured, thought out way.
Series: Color-Movement - 2016 A series of paintings. All Movements within a section of thought: A: Space, Life &Earth B: Emotions &Senses C: Harmony &Spirit
Series: Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left (2008) The paintings in this series have been inspired by the memory of musician Nick Drake and in particular his album Five Leaves Left which was recorded in 1969. I started this series in 2008, and it is my intent to complete a painting for each of the 10 songs from this album. I find Nick Drake's music happy, sad, powerful, mystical, healing, inspiring and insightful.
Series: Sedona Landscape - 2013 T. Young - Sedona Landscape A study in color, energy and movement in nature Much is said about Sedona both in the beauty that it emits and the spiritual energy it is said to exude. Both are true, the beautiful red-rocks are awe-inspiring and spiritually energetic.
Series: Another Generation 1945-1955 (2010) This is a series of abstract paintings as I envisioned abstract art between 1945-1955. I loved the color, movement and texture of this era of abstract expressionist style works, so I decided to paint as if I were in that time from the perspective of the time I am in now . .
Series: 2010 - it's a new decade The start of 2010 brings in a new decade . . . a time of change and a time of discovery
Shoebox - creating a vision one step at a time (ongoing series) I conceived the idea to paint on shoe-boxes when I was getting ready to put them in the recycling. I thought the cardboard and paper had a cool feel and would be great to paint on. I tear some of the outer cardboard off the boxes to reveal the corrugated texture below.
Rubine Red Art Gallery Making its debut on February 13, 2019, Rubine Red Gallery is a new gallery located in Palm Springs, California. What is Rubine Red? It's a color and a pigment. It's the punch in red paint and lipstick.
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NEW T. Young art book released
New book: T. Young - A New Beginning - Paintings 2007-2010 is finally released and available for sale

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