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Viviane Cathmoir

Artist directory :: Viviane Cathmoir

Viv Cathmoir - Fine Art Photography, printmaking, drawing Work examining light/dark, childhood, motherhood, universal themes of existence. Light as a representation of positivity (life affirming); dark as opposite (sadness, loss, depression, grief).

Viviane Cathmoir


Viviane Cathmoir 
The transient nature of life and especially childhood are major preoccupations for me. In an ongoing project, my most recent work examines the core elements of line and form in an image. All my work is for sale. Please contact me for further information if you are interested in something. See more of my work (and purchase as prints)


New Work This work explores universal themes of transience and loss from the perspective of motherhood. It questions the notion of the camera as an instrument used to arrest time and the tradition of the family snapshot as a means to construct a narrative and facilitate memory. By manipulating focal length and exposure I render the suspension of an instant in time as impossible for the lens as it is for the mother.
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